Music by vd Brekel/Hoogeboom/Jovet/Langenbach

New collaboration project ZILT with Ed van den Brekel (trumpet/electronics), Eric Jovet (electronics), Ulrich Langenbach (guitar/violin).

Mixed by Martin Hoogeboom
Mastered by Rupert Clervaux


Martin Hoogeboom: electronics, gui-tronics, objects, artwork

Recorded May/October 2020.

Mixed by Martin Hoogeboom.

Mastered by Marlon Woltering (White Noise Studio – Winterswijk)

A Martin Hoogeboom Project (DS1262/2020)


During the ongoing Covid-19 lockdown I have been extremely lucky to have not been too adversely affected by the restrictions, so I’ve been able to continue working on various self-generated projects including new paintings and a second revised edition of ZWAMVLOK (Mycelium).
Is it a book? Well yes, it does look like a book.

There are letters, drawings, words, sentences, quotes, collages, lines, paintings, linocuts & pictures. Maybe it’s more of a collage, a 30-page graphic improvisation.
This edition of ZWAMVLOK was for sale until February 1, 2021.


Gui-tronic improvisations inspired by sculptures of Germaine Richier. Part of The Dissonant Road, ongoing series of live and studio gui-tronics improvisations.

Martin Hoogeboom: gui-tronics/objects
Mastered by Rupert Clervaux

Sound contributions:
Leni Hoogeboom: horns
Juan A. Miñana Osca: electronics
Theo Calis: electronics


Gui-tronic improvisation – recorded July 19, 2020 – no edits.

Mastered by Marlon Woltering (White Noise Studio, Winterswijk)

Part of The Dissonant Road, ongoing series live and studio improvisations with the sound possibilities (in the broadest sense) of guitar, mixer and sound distorters.