we came from the shadows

New free-improvisation soundscapes on Bandcamp with Darren Bourne, Ulrich Langenbach and Paul Mimlitsch

Whispering Elephants

A new Bandcamp release with crackling, roaring and bewildering sounds. Played by Wodwo and Martin Hoogeboom.

New bandcamp release “A Few Days”

Music by Grant Basma Horsnell/Juan A. Miñana Osca/Martin Hoogeboom/Ed van den Brekel/ Lars Björk Grant Basma Horsnell: percussives/soundsJuan A. Miñana Osca: electronicsMartin Hoogeboom: objects/electronicsEd van den Brekel: trumpet/voice/soundsLars Björk: sounds/sonic structures Mixed by Martin HoogeboomMastered by Marlon Wolterink (White Noise Studio, Winterswijk) Artwork by Richard Witham. Release date April 18, 2019 A Martin Hoogeboom Project…

Music: We Trust You

I can happily announce a new and exciting free-improvisation soundscape project: “We Trust You”.
With Nick Ashwood, Darren Bourne (halF unusuaL), Alexander Holtz (Oberlin), Martin Hoogeboom, Markus Reineke.