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‘Oktober Wind (oktober 2018)’ Work on paper.

I like silence.
Silence produced by light.
Sunlight that moves in slow motion through a quiet room.
Islands of light, fallen through the trees, floating on the grass. With `Licht` I wanted to make music that enters your room as sunlight.
Music that moves slowly through your room.
Towards silence…

I knew, and admired, Oberlin’s work through his CD ‘Writing on Water’, released by Thirsty Leaves Music. I recognized the almost meditative silence in his work so I asked him to respond to my Licht pieces. Oberlin responded with three pieces called `Lichtschacht`, on the final track of which he then invited me to join him.

This, in turn, inspired moody alien to do an alternate mix incorporating tracks from both its sections.

Now there is Light/Well; a slow journey into silence.

Limited edition of 50 CDs in hand-made & numbered fine art paper packaging + full digital album in 24-bit resolution in any lossless format (FLAC recommended). 7 tracks, 65′.


Now also on my Bandcamp release page.