Unknown Land

Music by Hoogeboom/Langenbach/Lijel/Miñana Osca Martin Hoogeboom: objects/gui-tronics Ulrich Langenbach: guitar Lijel: voice  Juan A. Miñana Osca: electronics Mastered by Marlon Wolterink/White Noise StudioArtwork by Martin Hoogeboom Ulrich Langenbach soundcloud.com/ulrichlangenbachLijel lijel.bandcamp.comJuan A. Miñana Osca soundcloud.com/juan-a-mi-ana A Martin Hoogeboom Project (DS1235/2020)


Slowly darkness rises from the land. “Schemering” originated from a series of improvisations with the sound possibilities (in the broadest sense) of guitar and sound distorters. Immediately after an improvisation (15 minutes on average) I started editing these pieces. Cutting the recording into random pieces and rearrange them by chance. From this edit session, an…


New soundscapes played by Boson Spin, Herman Muntzing and Martin Hoogeboom.


Two new pieces for electronics and guitar now bundled as Bandcamp release.

we came from the shadows

New free-improvisation soundscapes on Bandcamp with Darren Bourne, Ulrich Langenbach and Paul Mimlitsch

Whispering Elephants

A new Bandcamp release with crackling, roaring and bewildering sounds. Played by Wodwo and Martin Hoogeboom.